Pulse Generators

Pulse Generators

Our manufacturing facility is uniquely equipped to produce small quantities of a wide range of products. The result: high performance, low cost encoders. Ranging from 12 mm diameter to 100 mm diameter, our line of encoders meets the needs of virtually every application. Nemicon encoders include miniature, shaft, hollow shaft, modular, kits, absolute and manual. Custom designs in small lots are also an affordable option. Encoders are built into the motor or attached externally to the equipment to monitor position, distance and speed. Nemicon encoders are CE certified.

Panel Mount Units:

  • New ultra flat unit available
  • 100 or 25 pulses per revolution
  • Differential line driver output or pull-up resistor
  • Precision defined click point
  • Custom logo plates

Pendant Station:

  • With axis control switch
  • Speed resolution control switch
  • Visible LED indicator “power on” mode
  • Optional enable switch and optional E stop
  • Cable length up to 5 meters